Mission Statement

The Zendejas Training Foundation is committed to empowering young athletes through specialized training in football’s key roles – kickers, punters, and snappers. Our approach goes beyond physical skills, fostering mental resilience, holistic health, and personal growth. We champion inclusivity and support, helping athletes from diverse backgrounds achieve their full potential. Building on AZ Kicking and Training LLC’s legacy, we’re dedicated to inspiring success in both sports and life, positively impacting communities.


Foundation Overview

We are excited to announce Zendejas Training Foundation, an extension of the proven success of AZ Kicking and Training LLC. Since 2015, we’ve been pivotal in nurturing young athletic talent, with numerous kicking camps and training sessions leading to college placements and professional careers. This transition to a non-profit model marks a significant step in our journey, amplifying our reach and enabling us to offer enhanced support to a broader segment of the community. Our aim is not just to continue our legacy of excellence in athletic training but to expand our impact, fostering the development of more athletes and assisting them in achieving their full potential, both on and off the field.

Key Components of the Program

  • Specialized Training Camps: Drawing from the expertise of AZ Kicking and Training LLC, each camp offers intensive, position-specific training for kickers, punters, and snappers.

  • Holistic Health Focus: We go beyond physical training, incorporating mental health workshops, nutrition education, injury prevention, and lifestyle management to prepare athletes for the challenges of competitive sports.

  • Performance Tracking and Evaluation: Continuous monitoring of athlete progress, adapting training methods for optimal improvement.

  • Community Engagement: Building support networks and fostering team spirit through team-building exercises, peer learning, and mentorship.

Serving Diverse Young Athletes

Our target population includes co-ed youth from varied socio-economic, cultural, and geographical backgrounds. Recognizing their unique challenges – from academic stress to social media impact – our camps offer a nurturing space for skill development, resilience, and stress management.

Addressing Key Challenges

  • Access to Specialized Training: Providing resources for specific roles in football, especially for underprivileged communities.

  • Holistic Development: Emphasizing mental health and well-being alongside physical training.

  • Gender Inclusivity in Sports: Creating a supportive environment for both male and female athletes.

  • Balancing Education and Athletics: Helping athletes manage academic and sports commitments.

  • Cultural Diversity: Fostering an environment that respects and celebrates diverse backgrounds.

  • Socio-Economic Barriers: Ensuring accessibility of resources for all participants.

Our Goals

  • Enhance Specialized Athletic Skills: To elevate the performance of athletes in special teams’ roles.

  • Promote Holistic Health and Wellness: To ensure participants maintain optimal physical and mental health.

  • Foster Community Engagement and Personal Development: To build interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and community responsibility among participants.

Join us in shaping the future of young athletes. Together, we can create a lasting impact in sports and beyond.