Bundled Memberships


2 Hour Sessions:
1 Hour Kicking & 1 Hour Strength Training:
This is our most recommended membership!
Not only get your kicking session in but follow it up with a workout designed to make you stronger and more powerful! Our facility was designed for this reason! Knock out your full days work in one spot!


Our bundled package is the ultimate training experience we have to offer.

  • All training sessions are 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.
  • Individual or small group sessions.
  • Sessions begin with a dynamic warm-up.
  • During the kicking part of the session we’ll focus on form drills:
    No steps – Contact (Ball / Foot)
    Steps – Momentum ( Approach / Follow Through)
  • Field goal and kick-off practice
  • Workout part of the sessions are focused on:
    – Power (strength workout)
    – Core
    – Recovery

All sessions purchased are valid for a 30 day period.