finest four winners
Finest Four 2024 Participants
samuel huunsaker MVP

Saturday, June 8th – Arizona Stadium
Tucson, Arizona
3 pm – 8 pm

Finest Four 2024
We are thrilled to host our second annual “Finest Four” event inside Arizona Stadium! Invitations will be sent out to the best of the best in Arizona and surrounding states.
Based off of performance during the camp we will select the FINEST of each class.

To register for this camp you must have been personally invited by AZ Kicking and Training.


This event will be fully sponsored by The Zendejas Training Foundation and multiple surrounding businesses

The Zendejas Training Foundation is a non-profit (501c3). If you wish to make a donation, it is tax deductible and would be greatly appreciated.

To read more and make a donation please click the link below:

You can also Zelle Donation to:

2024 Camp Results

luis heraldez - Finest Underclassmen

Finest Underclassmen:
2028 Luis Heraldez

isaac rhonehouse - Finest 2026 Kicker

Finest 2026 Kicker:
Isaac Rhonehouse

kaylee markle - Finest Flag Kicker

Finest Flag Kicker:
Kaylee Markle

Finest 2025 Kicker:
Charlie Parke

samuel hunsaker: - Finest College Kicker

Finest College Kicker:
Samuel Hunsaker

thomas donkerbrook - Finest Longsnapper

Finest Longsnapper:
Thomas Donkerbrook

samuel hunsaker: - Finest College Kicker

Finest Punter:
Samuel Hunsaker

Registration Is Now Closed.

Learn more about the Zendejas Foundation that sponsors events like the Finest Four.

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