Our Commitment

AZ Kicking & Training was created to share our experiences with our athletes to help them along their paths. There are physical and mental elements of every position in sports and with years of playing and coaching, we want to share our knowledge with those ready to put in the work.  We offer on the field and indoor training sessions for kickers, punters and snappers as well as a workout program that will benefit all athletes.


Valuing preparation. Training can help athletes learn to distinguish between effort and ability. It also increases self-discipline and the awareness of the value of preparation.


Training also provides an unparalleled model for dealing with disappointment and misfortune. Athletes learn to handle adversity, and they find ways to deal with losing and go on. They figure out what to do to get what they want for themselves. They put in extra time on fitness or work on specific weaknesses.

Long-Term Thinking

Athletes learn the fundamental lesson of sacrificing immediate gratification for long-term gain. This is the basis for personal success in general, and no lesson can be more valuable

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